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  • July 11th to 22nd 2012



    Travel & Architect Solos
    Lewisham Arthouse, London, group exhibition

    Artists include Emile Mendes, Yohan Forbes, Rachel Wilberforce and Eleonora Pecorella. Sharing their unique views of landscape, exploration and design using light, depth and perspective. Wilberforce’s ‘Mirage’ series of abstracted contemporary landscapes takes the viewer on a journey through the physicality of nature and man’s trace, where she uses landscapes as a metaphor for similarities between (often opposing) continents.
    ‘London emits blue with a lightning start,’ Emile Mendes curator & photographer provides us with a collection of engaging images that reflect the exhibitions architectural theme. His blue fluorescents across London capture a modern and futuristic environment. Mendes’ images encourage the audience to explore his visionary interpretations of our architectural structures and designs.
    Yohan Forbes’ series of images uses cinematic language as he sets out to tell stories and bring his style of photography to the more traditional period of painting. His panoramic images evoke an urge to explore the landscapes throughout his travels of Europe, capturing an atmosphere unique to the photograph’s visual expression. ‘In the realm of quantum physics, observing something actually influences the physical process that is taking place.’ Eleonora Pecorella’s ‘Another Point of View’ explores how environment and surrounding influence our interpretation and expression of the moment. The photographs were taken on her travels throughout parts of Asia and Europe. Pecorella’s observations of architectural interiors and exteriors coupled with a unique photographic style express latitude and thoroughness within each still. Each of the photographers selected for this exhibition present unique expressions within the realms of travel and architecture. Their work highlights modernity’s influence on our natural and man-made environments.


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