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  • You may browse the publication The Journal of the Color Awards. This issue is a collection of winning photographs from the 9th International Photoshop.

    The collection is in two parts:

    Volume 1 Abstract, Advertising, Aerial, Architecture, Children of the World, Americana, Fashion, Fine Art, Nude, where you can find my Sorrento #2 @ page 124-125, Honorable Mention in Aerial category.

    Volume 2 Nature, Food, People, Photojournalism, Portrait, Silhouette, Sport, Still Life, Wildlife, where you can find my Marettimo @ page 244-245, Second Place Winner in Sport category.

    For high-res follow the links:

    http://www.colorawards.com/journal/collection6vol1/     &    http://www.colorawards.com/journal/collection6vol2/

    or browse it medium-res here: colorawards_no6_vol1    &     colorawards_no6_vol2

    or see the winners’ video @https://www.colorawards.com/movie9th.html



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