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  • Another point of view is an open project of photos and compositions inspired by quantum physics. In the realm of quantum physics, observing something actually influences the physical process that is taking place. Amazed by this information I have compared it to photography, the process where a photographer chooses and selects portions of reality and represents it through his language. What we see in a photo is of course an interpretation of what has been seen. But it is not simply the photographer who affects a representation of the real, everyone who is watching his own reality is effecting on it at the same time. I am collecting a number of photos where I purposely change my point of view shooting from above. I try to reproduce the point of view of a scientist, I imagine to watch people living their everyday life seeing through the lens of a microscope, distributed as electrons in an experiment. I attempt to be like quantum physicists trying to live the paradox of objectively observing life, knowing that I am affecting it at the same time.

    I openly want to highlight how much we are used to observe everyday life from a customary point of view, which surely is personal, but it is such a habit that we often forget what we are doing. I would underline how, not only our ideas about existence, but even our forgetfulness about the process of watching, could influence and determine its outcome.

    I have titled each composition Distribution to point out how people and things distribute themselves in a space. To raise the viewer’s attention I have tried to compose different and sometimes very distant images that apparently look like fairly similar, where consistency is rather a consequence of their form than content.

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