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  • 25 October _ 3 November 2017

    A journey 40 images long where 4 different visual and technical ways blend: Angela Di Finizio and Eleonora Pecorella that shoot in colors, Australian Jim Griffith and Turkish Ferhat Celik working in black and white. This encounter has been possible because they share the same interest in reading, understanding and proposing their own interpretation of the present through places and people met while travelling in more or less remote destinations, from the distinctive habits of Japan to the sidereal stretch of Mongolia, from the exotic and colored Vietnam to the more common manner of the western, such as the American or European. 

    “Photography is a transmission that like a tide rises almost to the Empyrean or plunges down to the hulls and bilges of life. In the first case, photography almost forgets its own material origin and introduces us to pure, disinterested, virginal contemplation. As such, it has the extraordinary cathartic power to shake the mind clear of temporary concerns, facing up to existential misery but able to transcend it.

    In the second case photography becomes professional reportage, with its own technical and professional dignity, providing tools to unravel and evaluate the needs, troubles, tangles of life. But around this Manichean divide we have forgotten the intermediate shades between résis, the act of testimony, and escape into the infinite. All these shades are clearly countless, range from the mundane and the celestial. It is up to us to discern and seek what among such a multitude of proposals better suits our nature and aspiration. […] 

    These four photographers are not a team, sharing the same goals, and this is all to the advantage of their individuality, their respected origins, and their emotional and intellectual ambitions. 

    What unites them is their professionalism, their pleasure at being surprised by places and people, and their ability to react creatively to the existential impulses built up across time and in the instant, each in a totally personal mode. 

    Many of these photographs are simply splendid, and we should contemplate the entire corpus with interest and admiration.”

    (“Getting Acquainted in Tokyo” by Enzo Bilardello, from the exhibition catalogue). 


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