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  • This series of self-portraits represents a reflection about being. I ask myself what we are and how our appearance is connected to our intimate being, how our social-self interacts with our deeper-self, that one which is rarely or never evident. The couples of portraits show three possible encounters:

    the first shows when my intimacy observes itself: both naked, they are represented in the context of the deep intricacy of my inner self, which is always changeable and that you can catch in rare moments of awareness about yourself;

    the second couple represents my inner identity naked that observes my social identity;

    the third couple represents my inner and social selves seen through public observation. Here the observer meets my dressed social-self and feels that he can completely and totally catches and knows it; at the same time he comes in contact with my inner identity. The observer has an uncertain and wavering knowledge of the second because the nature of your inner-self is relentlessly changing and that is why we cannot ever say to know it conclusively.


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